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Propeller Shower Head | High pressure Shower head

Propeller Shower Head | High pressure Shower head

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

More Pressure For Less Water!

Our new Propeller Shower head gives you the best value for your water. Want to save water but love taking showers? That's not a problem with our shower head. With turb0 spinning technology, you won't be able to keep up with the pressure!
The fan inside accelerates the speed of the water, which pressurizes the water and gives you and your family a better shower. It makes the most each drop of water, helping you manage your water bills.


1. High pressure -To give you a relaxing shower and deeper cleaning.

2. Saves water -Thanks to our Turbo Propeller, you can cut back on your water bills.

3. 360° Shower head rotation -To clean the hard to reach places.

4. Durable -Using ABS material we can ensure the our shower heads will last.



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